Ask a Cop? Abusive relationship..



Hi my name is XXXXXXX Iā€™m 22 years old. I have been in a relationship for 4 years and married for one year. I’m currently in a situation where my husband is verbally abusive towards me my grandmother has witnesses it. I’m scared for my son to be around any of it because when my husband gets upset he gets to the point where he doesn’t think and I’m honestly over dealing with it. I just don’t know how to safely get out of this without him escalating to physical abuse. I hope there is someone or someway that I can get helped out with this.


The simple answer is to leave and get away from the abuse and then seek help with him or get ready for the terrible ride of divorce. I assume there are things not being said here about him and why he is angry. Drinking, drugs, work issues, relationship issues etc. What ever those are need to be resolved by him or by him and you based on how those conversations go.

Seeking out couple counseling is one way but as we all know nobody wants to admit to having to do that as they are never the issue. But for many it provides a middle ground for seeing options that two people were not thinking about or might have considered.

There are many groups that can help guide you through abusive relationship issues, especially for women these groups are across the nation. It might be worth looking into these or moving out if you fear for your safety and getting away from the issues and taking your son with you. While this is not really a law enforcement issue till it gets ugly, it is something we see daily.

Being willing to seek out help is step one, then the process to fix those issues usually does not happen overnight and takes time and consideration from all parties involved.

If he does escalate to physical abuse, get to safety and call the police. Nobody has the right to abuse anyone. There should be zero tolerance for any abuse – especially physical abuse.

Stay with family, figure out what the causes of the issues might stem from, find solutions, together is possible, and try to rebuild your relationship. If that is not possible, get out and restart your life without anyone or with someone else eventually that respects others.



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