Ask a Cop? Buying a Vape?



can someone who is 21 buy a vape for someone who is 18, 19, or 20

Follow Up: what if I am in Oregon and I already had a previous addiction then could my dad buy one for me if I am 18 19 or 20


Depends on your state and local laws. In most states that I know if the age to buy is 21 then only 21 and older people can possess and use that device. It is the same for Alcohol in most states. That person would be buying it for an underage person and thus that would be illegal.

PS: In general stay away from smoking and vaping, they are both terrible for health.

Follow up:

That is up to your dad. That said – Just get some assistance with the addiction issue and work though the problem to a much better overall outcome.

Do not feed the addiction.

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