Ask a Cop? Can I buy a Motorcycle Helmet from Europe?



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I want to purchase a motorcycle helmet from Europe and they are ECE approved and I was wondering if I can use a ECE approved motorcycle helmet in the United States

No it will need to be DOT approved to be sold in the US

DOT standard

The US official law states that all motorcycle helmets sold in the U.S.A. must be DOT “certified”. Helmets that do not meet the minimal DOT certification standards may not be sold as “motorcycle helmets.”

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) provides the requirements for “DOT” certification of all helmets sold in the United States for use by motorcyclists.

ECE 22.05 standard

Economic Community of Europe (ECE) is actually the most commonly used motorcycle helmet safety standard internationally. The ECE 22.05, required by over 50 countries worldwide. One of the advantage is U.N. Economic Commission for Europe ECE 22.05 requirement for mandatory batch testing of helmets before they are released to the public.

This means that the quality of the helmet in meeting the ECE 22.05 standard is assured by the compulsory sample testing of every production of helmets before they leave the factory.



  1. I’m not trying to get in to a pissing contest, but to be SOLD it most be DOT approved you can wear ECE if you can prove to a judge you feel the testing of the ECE is as good as DOT and if that’s not enough make the judge prove it is not as good I had I big bike crew I gave tickets to for that and it was all thrown out by the judge ( depends on how a judge is feeling that day )


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