Ask a Cop?: Go-Carts on the Street


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From: bob
Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2011 6:44 AM

is it legal to drive a 150cc powered go kart on the road without a license

Here you go:

From Ed:

NO, unless you live in Az. Jk..They even have a few rules here. A street legal go kart and you with a license, yes in Az.

From Mark:

It would be illegal to ride any unregistered vehicle such as a go cart anywhere on a public road if the vehicle is unregistered and the driver is unlicensed. Vehicles on public roads must be street legal, currently registered with the dept. of motor vehicles, and the driver must have a valid driver’s license. Now if it’s a road on private property and you have permission to ride there, go for it!

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  1. And I am wondering the same thing that Robert asked, why is it illegal to drive a go kart on a road

  2. Hi I’m from Montreal Canada and I have a go kart and I was wondering I it would be legal to drive it in a (walkmart, Canadian tire) parking lot after the stores have closed… would I still be stopped? And would it be illigal to do so?

  3. Hi,I’m from Chicago and I was wondering if I could ride my go kart in a parking lot two blocks from my house?

  4. Funny as go karts are low speeds and would actually be safer then cars. Go karts should be more encouraged.

  5. If anything there should actually be a go kart license that’s aimed at kids or young teens so they can learn rider safety if the department absolutely feels go karts have to be regulated to drive. Then parents have a new option to explore for their kids.

  6. How much trouble will I get in for driving an unregistered go kart in 2nd I know it’s illegal I jus want to know the amount of trouble I’ll be in for doing it


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