Ask a Cop?: Go Karts on public and private streets



I was wondering is a cop legally allowed to tell us that we are not allowed to drive our go kart on our road.We live in the country kind of and like never any cars on our road and one day a neighbor called the cops because we were driving through the gravel entry on and exit on the church and it messed up the gravel ands I they called and the police came here and said that we can not drive it on the road anymore it the legal? can you do that? I really wanna be able to drive on the road because it’s fun to go fast and ect. And so he said if we do go on the road it will be confiscated and I’m really courious if this is even legal to do this please help thank you.



The answer to this is yes. It is illegal to drive a go kart on public roads. it is also illegal to cause damage to property other than property owned by yourself. And in some cases it is even illegal to damage your own property.

If the road is private then it becomes an issue of bothering your neighbors that can lead to other issues that we do not have time to answer in this question. I assume you are riding with the blessing of your parents, I would have this discussion with them to find a good solution for everyone.

All of this will depend on your local state and city laws and ordinances.

We answer questions here as a public service and we are not lawyers. Use our answers as guidance to help you get the final answer from your local law enforcement or legal council.


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