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Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 8:19 PM

Subject: In a place that is closed after dark

my and three of my friends were sitting on a boat dock when a police officer pulled up and asked us what we were doing and we were just sitting there they searched us and nothing was found but he said that he was not sure if he was going to site us. Then he drove away can we still be fined


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When a group of people  are sitting, standing or loitering in an area that is closed or otherwise not a common public area, it draws a cops attention and they usually will stop to see what you are doing. I don’t know the circumstances but something made the cop decide to contact you and search you. If nothing illegal was found, the only thing I can think of that you could be cited for would be curfew (if you are under 18 and were out late at night) or trespassing if it was private property. If he left without having you sign a citation, I don’t see how he can decide to cite you later. If someone receives a citation, they have to sign it and be given a copy showing the violation and the court date. Sounds like he was trying to scare you into leaving.      


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