Ask a Cop?: Police Report



How would I be able to get a copy of a police report that I didn’t make but was questioned about regarding the situation?

I’m from Michigan. I’m not sure if it’s different state to state. Also I would like to remain anonymous please. Thank you for your time.


Not sure about Michigan but in most areas you cannot get a copy of a police report you are not directly involved in. Depending on the extent of the investigation and your involvement, you may or may not be in the report. The easiest way would be to call or go to the police station that questioned you and ask them if you could get a copy. If you are in the report, and are able to get one, other peoples names and personal information would more than likely be blacked out.

If you were questioned, hopefully they don’t have a warrant out for you when you go there….. Just kidding, LOL .. Maybe call first.


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