Ask a Cop?: Possession of a Clip/Magazine…


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From: cece
Sent: Saturday, November 06, 2010 4:39 AM
Subject: felony

if you get caught with a magazine but it is not yours and they don’t find a gun can you still get charged?? also if they were to give you back the clip what does that mean? also are police allowed to let you go after they are suppose to arrest you because you promise them something in return??


Depends on what state you live in. In most states, possession of a clip is NOT a crime. That is unless your on probation, Parole etc etc or live in a state like California where I believe mere possession of anything more then a 10rd clip is a crime.

If they give the clip back, its not going into evidence nor apparently was it a "part" of a crime.

Depends on what you "promised" in return for not being arrested. I worked narcotics and we would allow people to go on scene of an arrest if they promised to give us dope dealers later in return. If they did not, we would file the case with the DA and prosecute them later..

Of course, if you had to promise something unethical, you might want to reveal that to the appropriate authorities.



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