Ask a Cop? Towing with a rope..



In illinois, I cannot find any towing laws online i am wondering about towing a car only 20 minutes with a chain/tow rope, as i do not have access to a trailer. Not sure of the legality.


It is very hard to know as I am not from Illinois, our amazing internet seems to have answers but they show it both being illegal and legal but only legal in some circumstances. Towing with a rope might be limited to location, off major roads and the length of the rope might be regulated.

I would contact your local Highway Patrol office and see if they can answer this for you as the worst case would be towing it illegally then also having your car towed in the process. Tow yard storage is not cheap and should be avoided. A simple police-initiated tow can be over 700 dollars just to get your car back with a day of storage in my state.

Maybe work out a deal with someone that had a car hauling trailer or rent one? Or pay the local tow company to grab it as that is the safest solution. Also towing a vehicle that has expired registration or is out of service can also be an issue. In many cases tow companies might be exempted from this issue as they are licensed to transport and the vehicle is not on the ground in most cases when being transported.



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