Ask a Cop? Warrant out for my arrest?



Hi i think i have a warrant out for my arrest and plan to take care of it by going in to court. If i run in to a cop before then will they for sure arrest me? My warrants are in another county from where i am now and i’ve changed my life for the better. Would a cop take that in to consideration or extradite me to the other county? Also the warrant if i have one would be 5 years old.


Arrest warrants don’t expire. As for an arrest, depends on what the warrant is for; if it was something serious or a felony then there’s a good chance you’d be arrested and booked. If it was a minor offense, more than likely you’d just get released with a new court date. BUT, if it is a no-cite warrant or no cite release warrant, that means they cannot release you on a new promise top appear, you’d be booked and held until you were arraigned in front of a judge in the next few days.

But with that said, in todays world of no-bail reform and soft on crime, I highly doubt you’d be arrested for an old warrant unless it was REALLY serious. My advice would be to call the Sheriff’s Department in the County where you think the warrant could be from and ask them if you have a warrant and if so, if it is citable.

Then you can go to your local police or Sheriff department and they would give you a new court date and remove the warrant from the system. If the County will not tell you over the phone if you have a warrant, you can go to any police station and talk to an officer and they can check. But don’t miss a new court date or else a new warrant would be issued, this time probably a no-cite warrant because judges don’t like people who no-show for court dates.

It will also be a relief for you not having to look over your shoulder all the time or stress out every time you see an officer.   


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