Episode #20 – CopTalk Podcast

  • Reader Comments:
  • As a CCL in Arkansas, I listened to you guys explaining the Open Carry Law you have there. From a common sence perspective, how stupid is carrying open AND unloaded? If im a bad guy intending on robbery, for example, I see your gun, your my first target. Let’s say you see me coming in with that I’m gonna rob you look on my face. I still see your gun, can you load and rack before I shoot? That’s crazy! Open Carry, fine. I prefer concealed not only for tactical advantage, but because at least people get SOME training. Not to mention reciprocity!
  • Reader Questions:
  • Selling Drugs via Myspace and Facebook? How can it be stopped – How can a concerned citizen report these types of crimes?
  • If a family member is growing marijuana in an elderly woman’s home and you turn him in what will happen to the woman? She knows about it but due to her relationship with the man she is pretending to act as though it’s not a big deal. I worry about her health and the effect the stress could have on her but I feel she is being taken advantage of. What does the law say in a case like this?



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