Ask a Cop? I am thinking of becoming a cop….



I’ve thought about being a cop a few times now, but I always come to one area that hold me back. In short, does it feel dangerous being a cop outside of the commonly known cities thats are pretty dangerous for them (NY, Chicago, Baltimore, etc.) The situation I run through my head is being shot walking up to a car I’ve pulled over. I know in general it’s always gonna be dangerous by nature but is the stress of that hard to get over? Thank you,


Law enforcement overall is a very dangerous profession. So is Fire Fighting, so is Alaskan crab fishing and being a lumberjack. Yet we need all of those people doing those jobs. In each it is about being well trained and reducing your exposure to life threatening situations. It is about mind set, being willing to run into situations that most would run away from. Not to be the hero but to do a job that needs to be done to save others from others or themselves.

If you are looking into Law Enforcement but are hesitant, see if your local law enforcement does ride alongs, and go on one or a couple. Get involved with a reserve program where you can get training and or help out with local Search and Rescue to dip your toe into the pool and see if it is for you.

It can be a very rewarding job, it can also be extremely frustrating. You will see things you never knew could exist and you will bring it all home and you have to learn to deal with those aspects of the job. You need to build it into the career. Be that counseling, or support networks or whatever that might be. Be prepared on the way in and it will not be surprising when it happens, or at least as surprising.

I worked for almost 25 years, was shot at once during that time and was only shot at because I was standing in line with a gang member that someone else was shooting at. We saved that guys life that night, a week later he was shot and killed at the local Burger King.

If it was me and I could do it all over again, I would become a fire fighter, but I miss the brotherhood / sisterhood and the family it brought to me. There is a lot of power that comes with pinning on a badge, but the truly best part of it is using those powers to help those that need it the most.

Good luck with your career choice, it is a tough time right now for law enforcement as a career, but we all need really great people taking up the cause.



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