Ask a Cop? Is GNC a front for Drug Cartels?



I’m thinking that those GNC stores you see in the malls are a laundromat for drug cartels.  Think about it, you see those stores in just about every mall in America and yet you never see customers in them; and it’s expensive to lease a store in the mall.  Look at any of those YouTube “Dying Mall” videos – where there’s only two or three stores left – and one of those last surviving stores is a GNC.  How is this possible?  GNC doesn’t have customers in a busy mall.


GNC actually started business in 1935 – A company from a very different era. I think the wide spread mall stores are more a sign of the old times than about money laundering. Personally I think the fitness supplement market is pretty much drug dealing anyway, they are marketing non tested supplements to everyone, that said it is not illegal, well at one point they were selling all sorts of items that were truly questionable. GNC is part of a over 100 billion dollar supplement industry, it is truly amazing what people will take without any testing to back it up.

I think you will see the trend is to close most of those stores and just buy online. Or they all have 10 year leases and cannot get out of them till the malls close their doors, something that is happening across the nation due to online sales and high crime.

You would not catch me dead in a mall or honestly in a GNC.



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