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Reader Questions:

  • Becoming a Cop with a past Drug History
    • I live in California and i understand that most agencies require a polygraph test pre-hire. My question is i am 22 and have used marijuana a few months at a time for the past 2 yrs, my estimate is maybe a total of 6 months altogether in 2 years, am i automatically disqualified. Because i wanted to start the academy which doesn’t begin for 8 months and the course is 10 months long so i will of be cleaned for 18 months is there any way i can get hired or am i wasting my time. any information will be appreciated. Thank you for your time. Asked by Mike
  • Metering Lights and Cameras
    • Are you aware whether the freeway on-ramp metering lights in California have cameras to flash your car’s picture if you accidentally run the light? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this information posted, but I know I saw a flash happen…

Thanks for any info you can provide – Asked by Debra

  • Respect:
    • I am turning 21 this year. I have attended University for 2 years but have decided that I want to stop with my associates degree for the time being and join the Local Police Dept. My question to you is: Do you get respect as a young police officer? From fellow cops? From the civilians? I personally could not care less about whether or not some gang banger likes getting a ticket from a guy his age, but I am however concerned with the people I work with. And if you have any tips…they would be much appreciated. Thank you for all you do and keep it up. Asked by Hunter
  • Drinking Age
    • Do you think the drinking age should be lowered? Why or why not? – Asked by Dakota

Story of the Week:


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