Ask a Cop? Road Closure



Hi there! Two weeks ago in my way to school I was taking the less trafficked road and was stopped by a cop and basically handed two citations without any conversation. The road has a closure sign up that day, but it had been there for days and had workers waiving people across – plus in this day there were cars coming up the street so I assumed it was like the last few days- and open. I drove past a closure sign and when I saw the cop car I realized it was actually closed and went to turn around. He asked me where I was going “so fast” and very abrasively. I didn’t get to respond and he asked for license and registration… neighbors came out and he talked to them and just had me wait and then just gave me the citation s each for $90 . Is this worth going to trial over since that road had been closed for days or shoot I just take the points on my license and pay that fine? I’m pretty broke and I have never had an altercation with a cop like that…. he wouldn’t speak to me.


You can take a chance and go to court, if the officer doesn’t show up the citation might be dismissed. But if the officer does show up, bring your checkbook. Will be hard to have a defense for driving around road closure signs…..

“Well your honor, there were road closure signs that I drove around, they have been up for days. Workers waved people through in the past but there were no workers today so I just ASSUMED it was OK to drive around the road closure signs”.

What if a worker waved you through a stop sign or a red light one day, does that mean next time through you can drive through the intersection without stopping?

You don’t stand a very good chance to win, but you could go to court and ask the judge for leniency, telling him you go to school and do not have much money. Usually they will give you time to pay or you can ask for community service to reduce the fine.



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