Ask a Cop?: Drinking Age


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From: Dakota
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2011 6:00 PM
Subject: drinking age

Do you think the drinking age should be lowered? Why or why not?

I believe that many years ago when "parents" actually controlled and were responsible for their offspring etc., neighbors kept an eye out for each other and their kids, 18 was not a bad age for drinking BEER. This was when parents could discipline their own children (within reason) without the courts or Police stepping in and kids actually listened to parents.

Kids seemed to be a bit "smarter" up until the 80’s when the court system turned parenting over to the kids themselves,( Jack and Jill were now telling their parents when they got home, they’d have Mom and Dad arrested if they touched them) and the lack of a cohesive family unit no longer existed. It became apparent that kids lost respect for parents, Police and the courts,laws and in some cases themselves.

Subsequently, I believe 21 is a good age for alcohol consumption as "hopefully" Jack and Jill may have matured enough to be responsible alcohol consumers.In some cases, they don’t.

I do believe that the age for Military person to consume alcohol should be 18, as they have decided to give at least 2 years of their life to the Military and the defense of their country. They can and in some cases give their lives in defense of their country long before they are legally able to purchase alcohol.

Yes, lower it for Military personnel, but keep it at 21 for the general population.

That’s my "humble" opinion on the matter.



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