Ask a Cop?: Extreme Bullying



A 9 year old threatened to stab my 7 year old on the bus, right now my wife is talking to the boy’s mother, if this continues, should I involve law enforcement? I don’t know the whole story yet, so I don’t want to overreact, but I am genuinely worried for his safety. any advice?


If it was verbal bullying or threats to beat up I’d say talking to the parents or school is a good start. But specific threats of violence such as stabbing or shooting should be documented. I would call the police, you do not have to press charges but I would at least make a police report to document it and notify the school of the threats. Who knows if this kids done this before or has the capability to carry out the threat. If the kid feels he can get away with it he may continue, or worse, actually carry it out. 9 years old is young but he’s old enough to know threatening someone, especially with a weapon, will not be tolerated and it’s actually against the law. When you get the whole story report it to the police and school. Maybe a trip to the principals office and a visit from a police officer might help enforce that.


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