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Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 4:39 AM

Subject: Harassment.

hello. I have a friend who is being harassed by an ex lover. She has smashed my friends car window but there weren’t any witnesses. She constantly calls my friend harassing her and threatening her. She scratched my friends new car. She knows everything my friend does as if she is following her, everything! She’s calling other people and threatening them because they are not my friend. So on and so forth. But there Is no proof that my friend has for all these incidents only hundreds of emails of threats. We live in Virginia and the police told us that there wasn’t anything they could do with just emails. Is there something my friend can do to get the police involved?

Here is what we came up with:

"Seems odd the police wont initiate a report based on threatening e-mails. Maybe the e-mails didn’t have proof who they were from since anyone can get an e-mail address under any fictitious name. I can get a Yahoo e-mail account under the name of Mickey Mouse if I wanted (but it’s probably already taken). If the e-mails had the real senders name attached and the sender was the "ex", and the e-mails were threatening, I’d think a threats report could have been taken. Best bet for plan B is for "your friend" to take the e-mails to the local courthouse and get a restraining order against the "ex" based on the threatening e-mails. If the "ex" violates the restraining order by contact, violence, threats etc. in any way, including in person, phone, e-mail, text, 3rd party etc. then it’s a direct violation of a court order and the police have to write a criminal complaint if "your friend" desires. When the "ex" violates the order a few times and reports are made, the District Attorney may issue a warrant for the ex’s arrest to get the message across. Maybe that will cool the ex down. If not, some time in County Jail might.

Let us know how things turn out. "

Hopefully that helps a bit and thanks for the question…



  1. I don’t know where in Virginia you live but I, as well as others, found that some of the law enforcement officials in Virginia do not seem to be too adept at their jobs. Try contacting your District Representative and ask how you can stop the harassment. Maybe someone in the DA’s office can direct you. Hopefullky you can get an answer before somewthing more dangerous occurs.


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