Ask a Cop?: Homeless because of my parents



My parents may be getting kick out soon because they can’t come up with rent. My dad has no idea where he’ll go. Most like a homeless shelter like he’s done in the past when we were in the same situation before. My mother who is a alcoholic will live with her boyfriend who is also a alcoholic. I am 16 years old. I do have options if this does happen. My older brother or my best friend who they know and has been around for many years. They have full communication with her parents also. There have been times in the past where I also did end up living with them. These arrangements would only be until they got back on their feet again. I do not feel comfortable where my mother is making me go. They’re drink and argue and there are items in the home that make me very concerned for my safety and well being. Can I be forced to go somewhere where I do not feel safe or comfortable


When under 18 your parents have the final say so unless you can prove you will be in danger. If your parents agree to let you stay with a friends family or another relative then it would be OK, but they would have to agree to it. You say there are items in the home that make you concerned for your safety, but do not say if it’s guns, drugs or something else. If you feel you will be in danger, call child protective services or family services in your area and tell them of the situation, then it would be their decision if it would be safe for you or try to arrange a different living situation. In the least they would be aware of the situation and check up on your well being.


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