Ask a Cop?: Mistakes



I made some mistakes as in fact we all have, some are worse than others but I made a horrible mistake. I went off with some friends stole my grandparents guns for my protection because I have some trust issues. we got caught 4 hours away from home. so I have a pending case as of right now and its looking like all my hopes and dreams are just gonna come crushing down. I don’t know what to do but I need help if there is any help to be given. is there something I can do so I don’t end up with felonies because with a felony I cant even join the police academy.


You do not say your age, if under 18 your record will more than likely be sealed and no one would find out. Or charges possibly dropped to a misdemeanor but with burglary and firearms theft I wouldn’t count on leniency too much. If you try to join a PD it could come up so if you were asked about an arrest record by a potential employer, I’d be honest about what happened and explain it was a terrible decision you regret. If your over 18 then you wont be as lucky. As for going to trial, I wouldn’t try to bullshit the judge with self defense reasoning for breaking into your grandparents house and stealing guns, sounds like a bullshit story even if it was true. I’d just tell the truth and ask for leniency, community service, etc. As for trust, I always told my kids trust takes a long time to build but it only takes a second to shatter it. Breaking into your grandparents home and stealing guns is not only against the law, but also so morally wrong….. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to try and rebuild that trust but it will take a long time, if they ever forgive you.


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