Ask a Cop? His parents are keeping his clothes…



Okay this may be a stupid question to ask but I’m In a little bit of a situation so my boy friend and I went to his parents house so he could get his Clothes and bring them to our house but his parents don’t like me. Which we know, but he wanted to get his clothes, is there any way we can get them back like I don’t really know how to explain it they are with holding giving his clothes back he is living off of 1 pair of pants and 3 shirts


This all begins with what age you might be, well mainly him. Under 18 and the parents are in charge and if they do not want to give him access to take clothing that will be the way it is. It sounds like there is quite a bit going on here and you hopefully found a solution to this already. I think the easiest solution here is to head to Good Will and grab some cheap clothes till the issues at home get resolved.



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