Ask a Cop? Person in distress?



If you saw a guy grabbing his head in pain wincing consistently walking down the street attempting to find something to hold onto so he doesn’t collapse, would you ask if he is ok? Several cops and dozens of people have just stared and I’m mystified.


This is different for everyone. Especially in today’s world. There would be many things I look for in a situation like that, mostly things that might hurt me or cause harm to be and these days that could be anything from drug use, sickness, blood and transmissible diseases that are blood borne, weapons, mental status of the person.

If police passed this person that is not a good deal and their job is to investigate issues like this. In most cases it is best to report it to 911 and let the people equipped to handle that type of situation handle it, but it all depends on the situation that is occurring. Where I live, if I saw this I would see what is going on, probably from a distance at first and them re-evaluate the situation as it happened.

This sounds like a medial issue, in many cases someone might help to save this person life, but you never want to put yourself at risk more than what you are prepared to handle.

This is a great question, thanks for asking it.

We need more people that care a bit more about their fellow citizens.



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