Ask a Cop? My personal info on the net?



hey so if you see that a site has your all the addresses you lived and worked at , all your family names, co worker names , schools and jobs you’ve attend, email addresses you’ve used, full name, date of birth, and your photo , what exactly does that mean ? I thought certain information was private records. I was told if you can see all that information on a public site without paying for ir that it means your under investigation for something is that true ?


Well sadly what it means is that all of your information has been leaked onto the internet. This is sadly very common these days with so many security breaches that seem to now occur daily if not more often. Really not much we can do anymore to stop it as that information is sold back and forth both legally and illegally all over the internet. You would be amazed at how much of it is legally sold and then in a breach it is illegally taken and posted for all to see or buy.

I think about the only thing we have left that is really still sort of private are our medical records as if that gets out it could effect many things and HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is pretty strict about that information. As for the last note about if being able to see this information means you are under investigation, I have not personally even heard of that being a thing. I think it is just the fact that we all need to lock down our personal information as best we can and only deal and purchase from sites we truly trust. Thou I can speak from experience that your info can also just be guessed just like my social security number was and I ended up with their bad credit debt and a year of clean up to get rid of those negative reports.

Good luck – Keep your info close to your self vs. others.



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