Ask a Cop? Can I ride my ATV?



So i have a atv but i don’t have any where to drive it can i drive it in the forests (it has no registration and no plate) im 14 and the forest is basically next to my home i don’t wanna waste cops times because a old lady called them.


In most cases that open land is owned by someone. I had this happen when I was about your age and I ended up walking my mini bike back to my house while the deputy made me push it. Funny part was about 7 years later I was riding in the car with that same Deputy and he was training me when I was a cadet in the Sheriff’s Office.

Depending on the state you live in you will need some kind of offroad registration, proper safety equipment and be of a specific age to ride legally. Then land use is the issue and if you are able to ride on that land. I would look into friends of the family and see if your parents might know of areas where you might be able to ride it.

Usually the best case is with your parents permission to ride on land owned by your family or friends families that are ok with you riding on their private land.

There is a lot of liability when someone rides and a lot of danger of injury. Many people are worried about being sued and have to go to court so most will not allow the use of their land.

My suggestion is to find a safe, legal place to ride, wear all your safety gear. The most important thing is coming home at the end of the ride in one piece and not like me, walking our bike back 3 miles to your house being followed by your local Sheriff’s Deputy.

Thanks for the question, you are not alone out there in trying to find safe places to ride. A website like this might help –



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