Ask a Cop? Why do you not tranquilize suspects?



Why don’t the police ever tranquilize suspects?


While I am not sure this has never occurred, especially in countries other than the US. I would estimate the main reason is because tranquilizers do not work fast enough and you need to be very close to deploy them. So safety is one. The second is those types of drugs can be an issue for people and how they might react to them. Sedation is concerning in many ways, just ask the doctors that do it daily for procedures. There are risks to all sorts of non lethal options, tazers, pepper spray, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, all come with issues that surround their use.

There would need to be a lot more trials and testing before tranquilizers would be used in law enforcement as far as I could tell.



  1. “you need to be very close to deploy them” Um, no you don’t. Tranquilizers have a farther range than tasers. You can tranquilize someone from a hundred feet away.

  2. It’s embarrassing how you forgot that tranquilizer darts exist. If I were you, I would delete this article and instead feature your answer to “Why don’t cops ever tranquilize suspects? Is it because the suspect could pull the dart out and use it as a bludgeoning weapon, or is there a more complicated reason?”

  3. Please publish the answer to my other question. This one incorrectly states that you need to be very close to a suspect to tranquilize them.


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